Electronic files

Flexible, safe access to your personnel data

Managing hard copies of personnel files is time-consuming and takes up a lot of space. Files quickly become filled with applications, employment contracts, additional agreements, documents and all kinds of reports. If an HC department is spread out over several locations or if information has to be transferred, the documents in question have to be sent in digitalised form.

Specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises

Specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises

The electronic file allows all personnel data to be saved in electronic form while managing and archiving personnel files.

The advantages of the solution:

  • Mobile solution: portable access to files
  • Full change history: the dates of the availability and validity of all data
  • Easy to use: no training is needed
  • Full text search for documents and .pdf


  • Master data maintenance
  • Education, further training skills
  • Contacts in emergencies, holiday addresses
  • Employment contracts including all other agreements such as regulations on expenses, shift work etc.
  • Departments, tasks, organisation
  • Agreements on holidays and working hours
  • Sick notes and holiday slips
  • Multi-company capability (corporate group) with a central HC department
  • Multilingual options for each user
Your personal dashboard

Your personal dashboard

Add the topics that interest you. Both employees and the HC department will be informed of news or changes in the company.