Enter “start”, “pause” or “go home” into the chatbot and everything else will work automatically.

Your employees can quickly record their daily working times and enter them in our APP Danielle Talk – even in natural language, such as “start” or “break”, for which no instructions are required.

It also works classically with time recording terminals.

Your automatic employee

You’ve no doubt experienced a situation like this: Your employees ask for their holidays, call in sick and want to hand in a doctor’s certificate or ask for documents for kindergarten or day-care centre.

Don’t you also wish to be able to provide automatic answers or to have someone else do this for you?

This ‘someone else’ is Danielle Talk – a chatbot that specialises exactly in answers of this kind. It does the work for you and knows how to answer the questions. Of course, questions about other employees who are subject to confidentiality will be rejected in a diplomatic manner.

Applications for leave and automatic approvals – according to predefined rules – are then available around the clock.

Time recording


  • Recording of working times and break times
  • Recording of special times like vocational school,
    Further training
  • Automatic calculation of overtime and bonuses
  • Flexitime and fixed working time models
  • Operational working time models can be defined
  • Overview of actual and target working time
  • Reminder function for fulfilling daily working hours


  • Automatic control of legal regulations and company working time models
  • Clear view of working time performed in various displays
  • Uncomplicated and time-saving recording of working times and breaks
  • Location- and time-independent recording via the chatbot is optimal for employees in the field service and on installation
Work time account