Newsletter – 23 July 2020

Setting restrictions for employees and external operation of the terminals

  • Native language should also be used as the login language for Danielle Software
  • Certain employees can be blocked to use the chatbot
  • Increase or limit the rights of individual employees for time recording purposes
  • External update of time recording terminals
Setting restrictions for employees and external operation of the terminals

We have expanded our software in consultation with the wishes and business requirements of our customers, so that you too can act more flexibly and more mobile.

We have developed the following innovations for you:

Personnel File

The native language set in an employee’s personnel file also serves as the login language for the Danielle Software. In the user settings, the language can be changed for the individual employee at any time. Currently we provide the Danielle Software in German, English and French.

Use the Danielle software in your native language!

If certain employees should not be allowed to use the chatbot “Danielle Talk” for recording working hours, sick leave and vacation requests, the chatbot can be blocked. However, general questions regarding labour law remain allowed.

You decide who may use the chatbot in your company and who may not!

Time Recording

In time recording, more rights can be assigned or restricted for each employee individually:

  • Change of time recording allowed for employees
  • Display all employees in time recording

Be even more flexible in the authorisation settings of individual employees!

There is a new function in the working time account to facilitate preparations for payroll accounting. If it is not activated, all time postings are added to a daily total. With activation, each posting is displayed individually, for example, 4 hours of vocational school, 4 hours of work.  

Export all relevant information for your payroll!

If you use our time recording terminals, you now have the possibility to update them externally and enter new employees or changed IDs of transponder chips or fingerprints.

Operate several terminals at different locations comfortably from a distance!