Newsletter – 29 October 2019

New working time model

  • New working time model ‘Manual planning with recurring periods’: valid for the period defined and the weekly working hours do not have to be copied
  • Link to the documentation for each page in the application
New working time model

We are pleased to inform you that we have further enhanced the working time models which will result in reducing your maintenance workload. We have also made the help function easier to operate. With just one click in each window, you can go to the page required in our documentation where you can obtain more information on the topic in question.

Why not make the most of the new functionalities!

Time Recording

To minimise the maintenance workload that the working time model ‘Manual Planning’ entails, we developed another model: ‘Manual planning with recurring periods’.

Within a fixed period of validity, users can configure one or several weeks including working hours and breaks which continue automatically until the end of the period. Working weeks no longer have to be copied. Thus, absences are always recorded on the basis of predefined data and it can be clearly seen when employees have to work or have time off.

The advantage is obvious in this case. However, it can still be wise to use the model ‘Manual Planning’. Flexibility is essential.

Reduce your workload with the new working time model!


Are you at the point where you don’t know what to do? You need help quickly without having to contact someone? Then our page-related link to the documentation will be a great help to you. Regardless of where you are, we can provide you with instructions on how to continue.

A satisfied user is raving about the new help function: ‘I’ve just started working in the company and would like to show that I can enter employees’ data by myself. Now and again though, I get to the point where I need help. The documentation is well explained and I have no problems working through it. This makes working with the tool much easier.’