Newsletter – 13 October 2021

Security and follow-ups

  • Timeout feature to prevent third parties from accessing your account
  • Booking travel times for your project
  • Follow-ups with reminder of certain events
Security and follow-ups

We have improved our software. Read on:


You are working with your employees’ and colleagues’ personal information on a daily basis. And to us, it is important that this information is protected to the fullest extent possible. For this reason, we have introduced a timeout feature that logs you out of Danielle Software automatically after a period of inactivity, if you don’t object. Thus, unauthorized third parties can possibly be prevented from accessing your account if you leave your computer unexpectedly without logging out or locking your screen. Of course, your information will be saved persistently and stay intact even after logging out.

Security first!


You can now book travel times for your project and set notifications in case of changes and budget overruns at times of your own choosing.

Test it for free! Do not hesitate to contact us!


This extension helps with your daily work when employees report sick and don’t submit their sick note in due time of when you want to be reminded of certain events, e.g., a pending personnel appraisal. If you are busy, you can snooze the reminder.

Simplify your everyday work!